About me

I like creativity, I love technology and I am a music addicted. I am fascinated by the creative processes, especially in the digital era where art/music and technology merge wonderfully.

Music, creativity and technology: I always have been trying to have the three as part of my work. I am Creative technologist, Show and Art Director and Artist Developer.

As creative technologist I am involved in research projects in the academia and in the creative industry. My main research interests include Creative Computing, Experience Design and Music Information Retrieval, with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence. I received my PhD degree in 2013 at the Politecnico di Milano University. For several years I was in charge of the coordination of the Music Information Retrieval section of the ISPG group at the Politecnico di Milano (Italy). I am, actually, Guest lecturer for Creative Programming and Computing within the Sound Engineering and Design international master degree at the Politecnico di Milano (Italy). One of the greatest experiences I had in the past few years was in being involved in the EU-founded project WholoDance (http://www.wholodance.eu) where we were challenged to explore the use of high-end technology (Mocap, VR/AR, Deep Learning, Interaction Design, Joint Music-Dance analysis) into dance practice.

I strongly believe that creativity and technology together can make the world a better place and, in this process, music and art, have the fundamental role to be “a lie that makes us realize truth”. For this reason, I combined my works on research with works in the area of immersive and interactive artistic installations and performances as Creative Director and Interaction Designer at the O3lab, an artistic collective I founded with some other great artists. The same reason stimulated me to use technology as a fundamental part in the shows I direct. I had the chance to collaborate with a great international company like Gen Rosso International Performing Art Group (www.genrosso.com) and to direct other international shows.

Show direction allowed me to get in touch with several emerging singers or bands who asked me to help them to improve in their careers. I discovered that I love it. Taking a cue from my personal experience, I believe that helping someone to improve in his/her careers as an artist is very connected with helping to develop skills in order to be able to communicate personal visions, experiences and emotions to the world through the artistic language. At the same time, it requires acquiring the knowledge on what people are looking for and how the music industry works. For this reason, I very recently founded Coesioni (www.coesioni.it) with other four great experts in show business.

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