Gen Rosso


Campus. What does it mean to choose violence as a means for social change? What is happening in the mind of a young person who decides to join a terrorist cell? These are questions that could describe the story of the young people of Campus, who are gripped by the choices and dramas of today’s world: terrorism, hatred, social inequality and the distribution of wealth.
The musical is based on real events, and comes to the stage after 10 years of artistic planning. “It was 2004, just after the terrorist attacks in Madrid,” says Gen Rosso’s manager, Valerio Gentile. “The opening scene is of a railroad track like any railroad track in the world. It’s a story of searching, suffering, questioning and finding redemption, and it places the audience in front of the deep wounds of our times.”
The musical is composed of 23 songs and choreographies that interact with film sequences and theatrical action. “The project is the result of collaboration by a team of international professionals,” musical curator Benedikt Enderle explains. “The sounds are full and strong, with engaging harmonical twists, with lyrics that range from the lightness of a Latin atmosphere to the pathos of African rhythm, in a striking synthesis of sounds that is very captivating.”
The visuals are cutting-edge. “I’ve worked in many international productions,” says Jean Paul Carradori, set designer. “Campus was an unexpected challenge for me because of its dramatic structure and strong theatrical elements. It was necessary to create an atmosphere that would enhance the content and, at the same time, allow the viewers to immerse themselves in the story.”


Show Director: Sarah Finch
Production Manager: Massimiliano Zanoni
Light Visual and set designer: Jean Paul Carradori
Music Director: Emanuele Chirco
Costume Designer: Bledy Beqo