Gen Rosso


Gen Rosso's new show aims to get to the heart of current issues by putting life back at the center. The LIFE Concert ranges from the culture of giving to stem poverty, to balance and sustainability, from the ecology of nature to the harmony between creation and humanity that inhabits it. Gradually we come to the idea of sharing among individuals and between peoples with the transition from tolerance to acceptance, from peaceful coexistence to integration, to universal brotherhood. Suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces: Sports stadiums, Squares, Arenas, Theatres, Gyms etc. Through a new pop/rock and visual impact sound, the GR LIFE tour is a true celebration of life with a Leitmotiv that characterizes the whole concert: Love as the DNA of every person.


Show Director and Production Manager: Massimiliano Zanoni
Set designer: Massimiliano Zanoni and Jean Paul Carradori
Light designer: Jean Paul Carradori
Visuals: Marta Carino and Francesco Baita
Music Director: Emanuele Chirco
Costume Designer: Bledy Beqo