Proposed at Amsterdam Lighting Festival, 2018
Proposed at Xin Tian Di Design Festival, 2018

“In this day and age, a whole new range of (online) media have taken over from McLuhan’s ‘traditional’ means of communication including the radio and television. Modern media have caused a confusing blur between true and untrue, real and fake, real life and virtual. The messages they convey often contain a biased perspective, and can even mislead you.”

Social network and online media dramatically challenge the boundary between public and privacy. When we shop online or browse information by using a searching engine, our preferences are recorded automatically by a computer, without voluntary approval. The so-called data mining technology make advantages of our privacy to accurately provide their services. On the other hand, over exposure of privacy may create serious risks for our society such as stalking, identity theft or the behaviour of sexual predator.

The visitor experirnce
A floating eye, like a phantom, translucent and mysterious. Who’s eye is it? who is it looking at? why it watching us?
When visitors pass in front of the eye, it opens and stalking at the visitors.
Maybe, just maybe, someone else from another place is watching at you and knows everything about you, even your secrets untold...


Artistic Director: Massimiliano Zanoni and Jean Paul Carradori
Interaction Designer: Massimiiano Zanoni
Light Designer: Jean Paul Carradori
in collaboration with TA DESIGN STUDIO / Jin Tian & Chang Chung Yen