Give back

The concept arises from the reflection on the condition of the planet. We, as human beings, are called to “give back” to the earth what it has given us during millennia. We do not have much time, in recent weeks the UN announced that we only have 12 years to change course.
In our complex and liquid world, multidisciplinary and technology innovations are part of this transformation. From the experience of the multidisciplinary artistic group O3LAB, we created “It’s time to give back”, an installation that addresses the problem of ecology using media and video art and interaction design.

People who place their hand on the sensor area will cause a drop to appear on the screen. They can move the drop, place it and finally put it on theground. At this point the plant will react and begin to grow.


Artistic Director: Massimiliano Zanoni and Jean Paul Carradori
Interaction Designer: Massimiiano Zanoni
Motion graphic designer: Franceso Baita
Video Maker: Francesco Carradori

in collaboration with Carmelo Zappulla and Extrnal Reference Studio